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Sunday, April 25, 2010

i really hate someone that try to insulting or humiliate me..

the most thing i hate in my life is someone try to insulting me or humiliate me..
if u dont know me dun try to insult me..i really hate that kind of person..juz back off lah..
there's someone that use such a bad word to insult me in facebook,and her name is snow queen liena(wat the stupid name)..that thing happend last 2 weeks .. firstly, i really dont know what had happend to her ..when i open my msg at facebook then theres one girl send me a msg that really make me mad..then i ask her back what actually going on?
then she give warned not to flirting with her bf..
im speechless.,to make u understand this is one of our conversation at fb msg..

me:who are u huh?tba2 je nk serang org mcm psycho.
her:i nie bf kpada ****** yang slalu maen com n msg ngan u..
her:i juz nk warned kt u je..jgn nk gedik2 ngan bf i.kami bergadoh sbb u tau x..n skrg nie my bf dh syok kt u..ble bce msg die kt fb..mmg tol naek darah i..
me:wat's so big deal?u igt i nie nak sgt ke die??please lah..i nie pun dh ada bf lah..i pun xteringin lngsung kt ur bf..and for ur info..ur bf 2 yg tergila2 kt i and he not my taste at all..i nie juz layan mcm besa.mcm i layan kwn2 i yg laen.xde lebih..die 2 flirt2 ngan i..
me:up 2 u lah.nk mncarut ke x.i xksah.suke atie u lah.the important is i xteringin lngsung kt ur bf.u xtau pe yg die wat kt blkang u..bkn ngayat i sorang je..my kazen pun die ngayat..
her:(trus nk defend her bf)
me:wat ever!

the moral of the story if ur lover playing with another girl..dont just simply point the blame on the 3rd party..u should ask urself why it did happend it means someting lacking from u..

that's all..i cannot tell detail here...
and i really dont think i want 2 forgive her what did she do to me..but let Allah punish her..
thank you for willing to read my blog..
have a great day
thank you