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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

starting from tagged , then friendster , then myspace n now facebook .. ^__^

my 1st picture at friendster . hee ^^

hello again .. sudah lame x update my blog, sudah berhabuk dahh.. ^^ok.. now we back to the title.. tagged is the first website that i active . i start active in tagged since i was form 2.. and then to the friendster .. at friendster, yuna byk dpt pngalaman yg baru such as member2 baru, well, as u now, dari sy darjah 1 until form 5 . sy hanya berkawan ngan girls ony because my school mmg khas utk pmpuan shaja.. hee ^^ . lame jugak lah yuna active die 'fs ' nie..sudah setahun kot . and di fs gak i meet someone so special for me .. hee ^^

ok..finish about frienster and tagged , then to the myspace .. haa.. myspace nie pling byk dugaan yg yuna terima..mcm2 lah.. ada musuh dlam selimut..someone try to insult me and humiliate me.. and teruk sgt smpai yuna rase nk je close my acc at myspace..but ada bnda yg wat yuna xjd utk close...

ok.. lpas berlakunye kes tu kt myspace..then one of my friends invite me on9 at facebook..diorang ckp mmg best.. so i try lah buat facebook.. xsilap yuna last year on september kot..mule tu quite boring lah.sbb xthu kan.. mcm blur je.. so my member invite maen games on9.. start from tu lah.. yuna rase mcm best gak facebook nie..lpas tu..yuna stop on9 jap.because bz of my study time tu im sitting for spm candidate 2009..so quite busy lah..and xde mase sgt nak on9..kdang2 suruh my sister yg on9 kan.. after sudah selesai my last paper.. esk nye.. i dh mule berjinak2 ngan facebook.. hehe.. so smpai skrg nie lah yuna still lg active at facebook..rmai gak lah invite me to on9 at twitter .. mcm best je.. but lom mase nye lg kot.. mayb next time .. hee

(much love)