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Friday, August 27, 2010

an evening at bazar ramadhan

assalamuailakum , wahh..dh lame rasenye x update my blog nieh. .1st of all i will like to wish happy fasting to all muslim . hope Allah bless ramadhan this year .
ok.. back to the tittle .
on a rainy day , such a heavy traffic , well u know. since that its been a long holiday and their spent their holiday with their old folks .
there we can see a lot of people in bazar ramadhan .
berbuke puasa mesti kne ada popia. my fav. yummy . ^__^

okeyh.. about an half hour later . i have make my choice and i think it is enough for me to make my stomach full..i dont think i can finish it or not.. but the most important is. POPIA mest kene ada.. ngee ^^

while waiting for the golden time (berbuke pose) . sempat lg maen msg. ngee ^__^

ok ..thats all for today.. thank you so much for spare ur time visit my blog yeah . tenkiu .
and happy ramdhan . :DD

(much love)