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Monday, December 13, 2010

cuti cuti malaysia

assalamuailakum and good afternoon guys . story of the day is cuti cuti malaysia . heh
on the 12.12.2010 , i had my 2nd trip to melaka not for photoshooting but for leisure wif my loving family . it was so fun. i took this spesel moment for snap picture . but unfortunately , my mom xdpt nk join we all kt melaka. auww. so sad. and i hope after this dpt lg dtg ke snie. mayb manyak tmpat lg yg we all lom g lg. but its oke lah. theres lot of time :)

oke. here some picture yg yuna snap di sane yee . ^^

me wif aunty ja :)

me wif my sister . wawa :) . love this pic so much. heh XD
sy bersama si wawa tembam yg cumeyy. auww :D
suke view die. cantekk . next time klu korang nk dtg melaka. shoot lah kt tmpt snie. view die sgt lawa. :)
peace no war. heh XD

oke guys. thats all for today. insyaAllah . manyak lg pic yg akn diuploadkn di fb.cume mlas je nk upload. ahha. thnx again for willing spare ur time to visit my blog. see u next time yeah. bubyee

much love

hola . name saya husna. awk ? ahha. sje test nk pkai topi .
wait for my next story in my blog. tungguuu. ngee :)