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Thursday, December 2, 2010

photoshoot at melaka :)

salam and good evening my dears :)
its been ages i not updated my blog. suda berhabuk dah. heh XD
now i will like to share wif u all my sweet memories at melaka last saturday , it was so fun, even the humidity and hot weather, and quite tired too . but i enjoy it so much . ^^
here some my picture at melaka that i will like to show to you all
and credits to all MUA, models and photographers .

my theme for this photoshoot are red in kebaya.

credit to ED :)

credit to moez . love this pic so much :)

credit to rafi :)
credit to abg wan . suke pic nie. nmpk mcm org dulu2. heh XD
credit to yusri . ^__^

candid . thnx guys :)

thats all for today.see more my pic at my facebook yeah . next time i will upload more picture at PJ (putrajaya) . thnx again for willing spare ur time to visit my blog . see you soon. thank you :)