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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

jogging sambil photoshoot :)

mood : semangat nk berjogging. wanna join me ? heh :P

hola hola guys . thnx again for visit my blog. oke dear. tittle for today is berjogging smbil berphotoshoot by my classmate elly efira. or fy :)
dh lame rasenye x berjogging. tba2 terigat nk kuwus kn bdn. berat dh makin naek. so mayb i should think about it . and trus lh trgin nk jog. tba2 kwn lak ajak wat shoot. so alang2 wat lh skali kn. mayb dlm pic nie yna xnmpk penat . sbb i try to avoid it. ahha. kang nmpk pucat je dlm pic. nmpk je happy dlm pic nie. but penat lah sgt. jauh tau tmpat g jog tu. kt dlm hutan . tp tmpt die mmg tenang n lawa. nant u all akn tgk eh . :)

thnx a lot fy. really appreciate it. fyi, fy really do love in photography so much. and she now still learn about photography. and i wish all the best for you yeah. hopefully u will be a famous photographer one day . :)
so as u all know. one of my hobby is doin photoshoot . and last saturday , yna and kwn2 yg laen g jogging smbil photoshoot . here some pictures . heh :)

dlm pic nie act yna nk tnjuk kt u all kuda. tp xnmpk kot. bru plan nk tugang tp tuan empunye kuda nie xda. huhu
b4 nk jog. posing jap kt dpan umah .heh :P
oke dear. thats all for today yeah. do visit my blog yeah. tke care always ! daa :)
much love