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Saturday, April 9, 2011

photoshoot at taman botani :)

hola hola guys, thnx again for willing spare ur time to visit my blog. oke.tittle for today is my photoshoot last 2weeks at taman botani putra jaya. by shutter demons. he is a nice guy and teach me lots of posing that i dun know. heh. even agak cerewet but its oke lah. lgpun doin photoshoot nie is one of my hobby. die leh kte kan pro photog. sume pic yg die snap i admired. sgt cantekk. ye lah. dh mnyk experience aite. anyway. thnx a lot for snaping my pic yeahh . and here some pic yg yna snap hri tu. sgt sukee.

fyi, all my pic yg die snap mmg agak serius rupenye. because die mmg suke gmbr yg serius . so xde pic yuna yg snyum2. dh lah agak kekok klu nk wat muke siyes2 nie. tp xperlah.kne besakn . heh :)

oke my dear. thats all for today yeah. do visit my blog. tke care always. bubyee. :DD

much love