hola hola . welcome to yuna's page . thnx for willing spare ur time to visit my blog yeah .

Sunday, May 15, 2011

jln2 cari mkn . heh :D

hola hola guys , thnx again for willing spare ur time to visit my time ,
oke now lets back to our main title ,
last saturday , my family and i g some place yang dulu nya i slalu g , but when dh msuk uitm nie mmg dh jrang blik umah so agak lame lah x g tmpat tu . but at last dpt gak. heh . even t
mpt tu pun area sini jee . i really do love it food so much . next time klu u all dtg kt my place i will show it to u guys , i mmg dh lame craving it foods and at last dpt gakk . heeh . ye lah. tgh cuti kan. rugi lak klu xdpt rase pe yg kte nk. nant dh start study kempunan lak . heh :P

oke here some picture yg yuna snap smbil jln2 . wif my lovely sisters . :)

me wif nana :D

while waiting for my order . snap pic jap. heh

nie lah my fav food klu g kt restaurant nie . yummmyy .

wif my cute sisters

me wif wawa, she is a bit annoying act, but i love her. heh

ting tong ! you got one new msg from Y O U . heh .
oke my dears , thats all for today . i will update my blog soon . see yeahh :D