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Sunday, August 7, 2011

ramadhan almubarak :)

hola hola guys, dh lame xupdated blog woww lots of dusk here . heh XD
and before that, i like to wishing you all happy fasting yeah. esp for all muslim . and fyi, this is my first time fasting at university , and a bit sad coz xdpt nk berbuka wif my lovely family yg far far away from here. sob sob T___T , thats y i cant hardly wait for cuti hari raya , even for one week but i think sempat nk berbuka wif them .

but the saddest part is , kt snie xmeriah sgt bazar die. not like at my place. a huge bazar which is various of food, kuih mueh and much more . but here . i looking foward for my fav kueh thats is 'putu buluh' and 'cokai' im not really sure that is what we call it . ahha
what ever it is im so damn craving for those things. uwaaa
can someone buy it for me ? :(

but the good things is, when there has no lots of choice of food, from there we can also save our money . heh . seriously, i like to spent more my money for food , so maybe this is lesson for me to control my 'nafsu' ahha. and otherwise , i also can reduce my weight aite? heh
whatever it is , i really cant wait for the day i came back my sweet home . berbuke wif my family , and buying for baju kurung , and prepare for 'redang and ketupat'

fyi, im not buying this chiken chop from any restaurant , but this is truly 'hand made' from my aunty . heh .she really good cooking in any types of food. what make my heart melt is when i see this cc and i think b4 going back home i want to berbuke pose at her house and want the same menu like above. ahha

oke guys , thats all for today. anyway , in this special month , i hope all of us always pray for Allah for extra blessing and open our hearts and keep us doing good . wishing you ramadhan al mubarak my dear friend :)

much love