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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

its all about heel's :)

hola hola guys, last week i just wrote about my celebration of hari raya . for today its all about heel's. and heel's are only for woman.but i think there's no problem if a guy want to try it. hehe. but sometimes not all girl love to wear heel's and some of them really do love it . and i'm included. so the problem is most of guys not really like when their girls are wearing heel's. because when their gf is taller than him and he probably thinks that 'goshh, i think im smaller than her, what a shame. urghhh' but for girls they wearing heel's because it can make us more confident .

and for those girls who are think that she is not much taller, i think there's no objection to wearing heels, unless if your boy is smaller than u . heh, but for me? i dont have someone for the time being but what im afraid of if my future bf dont like if im wearing heels. i really dont have idea about that. who know's maybe one day i will meet someone who looks like hritik roshan, HAHA, his body totally make me melt .

oke here i give you some example. which is this guy never meet that girl and they just know each other tru facebook and they decided to meet .

when they meet . so looks what happen . the girl didn't expect that that guy is smaller than her. and no one know's how that guy feel. HAHA .

moral of the story. before you want to meet someone you never knew . you should ask her or him about her size of height. not only weight .but the size of height also can be the important things. heh :D

ps: FYI, im not good enough in drawing. -.-

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