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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

salam aidilfitri

salam my dears :D
here i come again with my new topic that is our celebration day for once a year hari raya aidilfitri, first of all i would like to ask my forgiveness to all my relative and my fellow
friends , dari hujung rmbut hingga lah ke hujung kaki. harap2 dpt lah halal kan mkn dan minum yee . heh :)

for the first day of hari raya rasenya mcm dh manyak g umah sedara and my stomach dh already full . i think i will put on weight nie . erggh T___T
terpaksa lah after this on diet , nak pakai kebaya nie pun terpaksa 'cover' je . ahha
anyway my theme for this year is black , woman in black. heh
before ni dh try bju yg colour2 dh. and trgin lak nk try kaler dark. at last dpt gak. heh :)
termasuk raya tahun nie dh 3 kali x beraya wif my opah . sob sob :(

oke my friend , here some picture yg yuna snap for hari raya aidilfitri

that's all for today , thanx again for willing spare ur time for visit my blog. kalu ada mse singgah lah umah yuna yee, heh . oke dears, happy eid fitri again sorry for any wrong doing. buybyee :D